How to Debug and Report Problems

Apple code signing is complex and there will be cases where this tool behaves differently from Apple’s, possibly to the point where Apple rejects the output of this tool.


If Apple software rejects the output of this tool, we consider that a bug. We encourage end-users to report these bugs to the GitHub issue tracker.

Commands to Print Signature Info

The rcodesign print-signature-info command can be used to dump YAML describing any signable file entity. Just point it at a Mach-O, bundle, DMG, or .pkg installer and it will tell you what it knows about the entity.

The rcodesign diff-signatures command will internally execute print-signature-info against 2 paths and print the differences between them.

rcodesign diff-signatures is exceptionally useful at understanding differences in behavior between this tool and Apple’s. If Apple is rejecting the output of this tool, comparing the output of the same operation with Apple’s tooling against this tool’s is a good way to find the source of the problem.

Reporting Actionable Bugs

Please include the following in bug reports to improve chances for action:

  • The released version or Git commit that this tool was built from.

  • The command line used.

  • The full output of the command.

  • The output of rcodesign diff-signatures comparing similar operations between Apple’s tooling and ours.

  • A copy of the entity you were attempting to sign.

  • Text copy or screenshot of error from Apple tooling indicating what failed.

It is understandable that some people may not desire to file publish issue reports or submit a copy of their application to be seen by the world. If you send a polite email to with apple-codesign or rcodesign in the subject line along with more private/sensitive details, support can be given over email.