Android Complaints

This is a list of complaints I have about my Android Galaxy Tab tablet.

  • Sometimes when the screen turns on, I see what was previously rendered rather than the sign-on screen. Nice privacy and security hole!
  • The bottom of the screen (where my thumbs are a lot) is wasted by things like the clock, battery, and wifi indicator. This screen real estate could be put to much better use, such as per-application controls.
  • Sometimes the device becomes unresponsive for 5-10 seconds. I'm guessing it is doing some kind of stop-the-world garbage collection or something.
  • In the built-in GMail app, when I'm on an individual message and hit the trash icon to delete that message, it takes me 2 views up to the account view instead of the last folder I was in (typically the inbox view). Extremely annoying.
  • The screen seems to never power off when it is charing. Sometimes it powers on by itself. Annoying when I'm sleeping. I can't find any setting that impacts behavior.