This page lists some of the things that annoy me.

Companies and Their Practices

  • AT&T - Their web-based login system. My login for my U-Verse account is an e-mail address that doesn't even work. I need a separate login for wireless and U-Verse. The login form uses Flash. Rethink Possible, indeed.
  • AT&T - They charged me $18 to renew my cell phone contract. You are supposed to reward returning customers, not anger them.
  • Capital One - Online bill payment defaults to minimal payment, not statement amount. I think that is predatory, as paying the full bill is my best interest. Paying the minimal is in their best interest (so they can charge interest and make a profit).
  • Comcast - Horrible customer service. Packet throttling based on specific protocol use (BitTorrent)
  • DHL - They lost my home theater speakers for a week. Somehow they managed to deliver 1 of 3 packages that were shipped from the same location at the same time. Incredible.