oxidized_importer Python ExtensionΒΆ

oxidized_importer is a Python extension module maintained as part of the PyOxidizer project that allows you to:

  • Install a custom, high-performance module importer (OxidizedFinder) to service Python import statements and resource loading (potentially from memory).

  • Scan the filesystem for Python resources (source modules, bytecode files, package resources, distribution metadata, etc) and turn them into Python objects.

  • Serialize Python resource data into an efficient binary data structure for loading into an OxidizedFinder instance. This facilitates producing a standalone resources blob that can be distributed with a Python application which contains all the Python modules, bytecode, etc required to power that application.

oxidized_importer is automatically compiled into applications built with PyOxidizer. It can also be built as a standalone extension module and used with regular Python installs.