Shipping Applications with tugger

The Tugger project aims to make it easy to ship applications. It does so by implementing generic functionality related to application distribution in a myriad (fleet?) of individual, domain-specific crates. See Modular Crate Architecture for more. Tugger supports generating distributable artifacts in common formats such as Windows .msi installers, Debian .deb files, and Snapcraft .snap files.

Tugger’s Rust crates can be consumed as regular Rust library crates by any project and are explicitly designed for this use case. Tugger also defines a Starlark dialect (Starlark is a Python-like configuration language), enabling applications to define packaging functionality in configuration files, which Tugger can execute. The Starlark dialect is effectively a scriptable interface to Tugger’s Rust internals.

Tugger is part of the PyOxidizer Project and is developed inside the PyOxidizer repository at However, Tugger is designed to be a standalone project and doesn’t require PyOxidizer.