Style Changes on

January 09, 2015 at 03:25 PM | categories: Mercurial, Mozilla

Starting today and continuing through next week, there will be a number of styling changes made to

The main goal of the work is to bring the style up-to-date with upstream Mercurial. This will result in more features being available to the web interface, hopefully making it more useful. This includes display of bookmarks and the Mercurial help documentation. As part of this work, we're also removing some files on the server that shouldn't be used. If you start getting 404s or notice an unexpected theme change, this is probably the reason why.

If you'd like to look over the changes before they are made or would like to file a bug against a regression (we suspect there will be minor regressions due to the large nature of the changes), head on over to bug 1117021 or ping people in #vcs on IRC.