hg.mozilla.org Updates

November 05, 2015 at 09:20 AM | categories: Mozilla

A number of changes have been made to hg.mozilla.org over the past few days:

  • Bookmarks are now replicated from master to mirrors properly (before, you could have seen foo@default bookmarks appearing). This means bookmarks now properly work on hg.mozilla.org! (bug 1139056).

  • Universally upgraded to Mercurial 3.5.2. Previously we were running 3.5.1 on the SSH master server and 3.4.1 on the HTTP endpoints. Some HTML templates received minor changes. (bug 1200769).

  • Pushes from clients running Mercurial older than 3.5 will now see an advisory message encouraging them to upgrade. (bug 1221827).

  • Author/user fields are now validated to be a RFC 822-like value (e.g. "Joe Smith <someone@example.com>"). (bug 787620).

  • We can now mark individual repositories as read-only. (bug 1183282).

  • We can now mark all repositories read-only (useful during maintenance events). (bug 1183282).

  • Pushlog commit list view only shows first line of commit message. (bug 666750).

Please report any issues in their respective bugs. Or if it is an emergency, #vcs on irc.mozilla.org.