Mozilla Mercurial Extension Updates

December 16, 2015 at 05:40 PM | categories: Mercurial, Mozilla

There have been a handful of updates to Mozilla's client-side Mercurial tools in the past week and all users are encouraged to pull down the latest commit of mozilla-central and run mach mercurial-setup to ensure their configuration is up to date.

Improvements to mach mercurial-setup include:

  • ~ are now used in paths when appropriate
  • Mercurial 3.5.2 is now the oldest version you can run without the wizard complaining
  • The clone bundles feature is enabled when running Mercurial 3.6
  • hg wip is available for configuration
  • hgwatchman (make hg status significantly faster via background filesystem watching) is now available on OS X
  • x509 host key fingerprints are no longer pinned if your Python and Mercurial version is modern (this pinning exists in Mercurial because old versions of Python don't verify x509 certificates properly)
  • 3rd party Mercurial extensions are pulled with extensions disabled (to prevent issues with old, incompatible extensions crashing the hg pull invocation)

The firefoxtree extension has also been updated. It now uses the new namespaces feature of Mercurial so all Firefox labels/names/refs are exposed in a firefoxtree namespace instead of as tags. As part of this change, you will lose old tags created by this extension and will need to re-pull repos to recreate them as namespaced labels. hg log output will now look like the following:

changeset:   332223:0babaa3edcf9
fxtree:      central
parent:      332188:40038a66525f
parent:      332222:c6fc9d77e86f
user:        Carsten "Tomcat" Book <>
date:        Wed Dec 16 12:01:46 2015 +0100
summary:     merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge

(Note the fxtree line.)

The firefoxtree extension also now works with hg share. i.e. if you hg share from a Firefox repository and hg pull from the source repo or any shared repo, the labels will be updated in every repo. This only works on newly-created shares. If you want to enable this on an existing share, see this comment.